Vinyl / CD - Masteringservice

The Electronic Corporation team offers a complete oldshoolish label-service for any kind of audio purpose.

• professional workflow with the maximum of analogue and digital techniques.

• fast and friendly processing for your personal request by keeping personal communication - for the love of music.

• our friends are electric... thats the way we are dealing with for several years. as djs and producers we know how a record should sound.

• with our analoque hardware we give your music a final kick.


Realisation und Technique

• mastering all kinds of audio-formats (no MP3) via down-/upload, CD/DVD, DAT or reel to reel (2-track).

• analoque postprocessing on a Toft ATB studiodesk and SPL outboard. equalizing, compressing and maximizing under control of the frequency spectrum for the best result of dynamics. NO LOUDNESS WAR !!!

• tape-mastering on Revox PR99 2-track recorder is possible via request with final recording to digital via RME Hammerfall HDSP.

• neutral/real sounding monitorsystem on Klein & Hummel OY and O800 subwoofer.

• final corrections as requestet included.


References / Mastering-Projects

find below a selection of our latest vinyl mastering projects:

Electronic Corporation

ELCO17.0 V/A "artificial material V2.0"
ELCO18.0 heimelektronik "electronic lifeforms ep"


AUDA_theta T/M/B/T/S
"galactic evening"
AUDA_iota Crime Scene
"beats from the streets


ACIDICTED_0.2 Adalberto
ACIDICTED_0.3 Crime Scene
"it's time for crime"

Crime City

crime city 001 Crime Scene
"crime city LP"
crime city 002 Crime Scene
"crime city trax"


paragraphic_a Unknown Artist

Musique Dilettantique

MD1981 Les Invalides
"vive le dilettantisme"

Audio Riots
AR001 Brandon Spivey & Coexsystems
"sound extremist / kali yuga"


Prices / Pricelist

Feel free to ask - we will always offer you a descent deal for your request.